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About Us

Market Aroma focuses on developing advanced scenting systems based on molecular diffusion through spraying. Our versatile diffusers can be integrated into a variety of environments, from shops and restaurants to offices and airports. We offer flexible options for rental or purchase, including equipment and supplies.

Included in our subscription service are: testing of scents and diffusers, equipment installation, maintenance, and refills. By purchasing a subscription with a fixed monthly fee, our clients (legal entities) benefit from complete equipment maintenance. Our experts will discreetly install the equipment, without visible cables, ensuring that the minimalist design of the diffuser seamlessly integrates into any space.

A possibility to become an owner of our piece of equipment. The client’s further expenses only include the cost of replacing fragrance cartridges, which are purchased as needed.

Our advantages

We provide maintenance

We offer full service: installation of equipment, scheduled inspection of diffusers, timely replacement of fragrance cartridges, and 24/7 support.

We strengthen your image and create the aura

Our fragrances strengthen the image of the company and create a unique aura in the premises. We offer high-quality hypoallergenic fragrances made according to IFRA standards

Reliable partners in Europe

We work with brands such as Opticris, WINBET, Casa Frumoasă, Monza Hospital, etc.

Free test

We offer free selection of fragrances and free test of our aroma diffusers.

We are market leaders in Romania

We work with customers all over Europe.

High-quality fragrances

Complete safety of the fragrances is confirmed by certificates.

How we work

We cooperate with legal entities and individuals throughout Europe. If you are interested in bulk purchase, visit the Wholesale section. If you are interested in scent marketing services and professional aroma equipment, we offer two options: rental for legal entities and equipment purchase.

Contact us
Leave a request on our website or call us.
Select a fragrance
Order proper blotters for your business and choose the fragrance you like.
Test our services
Choose the subscription type and order 7 days of aroma diffuser free test.
Make a contract
We make contracts for at least 12 months. Contracts with seasonal businesses are considered individually.
Make a contract
We make contracts for at least 12 months. Contracts with seasonal businesses are considered individually.
We install the equipment
Our specialists will select a suitable location for a diffuser to be used more efficiently. It will be installed with high quality, and the wiring will be disguised so that the minimalist design will fit perfectly into any room.
Take advantage of our service
For a monthly fee, we will provide a range of services: installation of equipment, diffuser scheduled checks, timely aroma cartridge replacement, and 24/7 support.


Our clients


For large businesses, we can create a unique fragrance designed from scratch so your customers can identify your business much faster. This is a long and expensive process. The development of a unique custom fragrance occurs in several stages, requiring the customer and perfumer to work together.

High-quality products. High profits. Clinically tested products. We provide marketing materials for your website. Special product prices. Next day delivery anywhere across the country. Fast delivery in the EU.

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It includes equipment installation, replacement of cartridges once they are consumed, and occasional checks of the equipment.

If you opt for installation by our specialists, you will get rid of such issues as drilling of walls, placement and installation of equipment, hiding of cables, and other stuff. We guarantee the best placement of diffusers in any place of your premises. We will install the diffuser for 200 lei per room.

Our fragrances are safe, hypoallergenic, and clinically tested, as well as compliant with current regulations based on analytical documents and Safety Data Sheet (SDS). We cooperate with the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and ensure that all fragrances comply with both consumer and environmental safety regulations.

We produce our own fragrances from ingredients used by premium perfume brands, such as Dior, Chanel, Lancome, Kenzo.

We offer wholesale aroma diffusers and aroma oils to companies involved in manufacturing, distribution, and supply of goods for the HoReCa industry.

We undertake every aspect of the aroma diffuser installation: wall drilling, equipment placement, cable concealment, and much more. We guarantee optimal placement of diffusers in any part of your premises.

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