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With the advanced technology of our diffusers, you will experience an uniform and consistent distribution of fragrance, ensuring a pleasant scent throughout the entire trip.

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448.00lei 403.20lei

Find out how long a single cartridge will last

Coverage area 200m3
12 hours of diffuser operation per day
Recommended mode: 20s/120s
*Approximate calculation

Order samples

We offer you the opportunity for free testing of multiple perfume samples from our catalog, with the only cost being the shipping fee. Additionally, we will provide you with a promotional code to cover the shipping cost, which can be used for any purchase or subscription payment.

We recommend ordering a maximum of 10 samples for testing. The more aroma options you have, the harder it becomes to choose the right one. We believe that 10 samples are sufficient to allow you to fully experience each perfume.

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The connection is made by plugging in the USB. Afterwards, you manually set one of the 3 levels of the speaker, as desired.

We recommend placing the diffuser in one of the cup holder slots available.

Yes, it is necessary to purchase the 10 ml reserve for the car diffuser.

The diffuser works as long as it is connected to USB and the car is running.

The 10 ml bottle is added by screwing it on.

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