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Professional Fragrance Diffusers

Discover the Market Aroma diffusers. Elegant, easy-to-use flavoring systems based on advanced diffusion technology.

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Coverage area 200m3
12 hours of diffuser operation per day
Recommended mode: 20s/120s
*Approximate calculation

Fragrances for Professional Perfume Diffusers

Discover the Market Aroma diffusers. Elegant, easy-to-use flavoring systems based on advanced diffusion technology.

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Order Samples

We offer you to test some blotters (blotter or flavored tape) with perfumes from our catalog for free. You will only have to pay for shipping. We will provide you with a shipping cost promo code that can be used on your purchase or subscription. We recommend ordering a maximum of 10 blotters for testing.

Clienții noștri


Yes, here are all the fragrances available to order in our company

You can order a free test of several fragrance samples here. Once you have tested the fragrances, we collect information about the items you like and offer you a full-size version. Please note that free samples are delivered at your expense. We’ll offer you a promo code for the delivery cost to be used on any future purchase.

For large businesses, we can create a unique fragrance designed from scratch so your customers can identify your business much faster. This is a long and expensive process. The development of a unique custom fragrance occurs in several stages, requiring the customer and perfumer to work together.

You pay for blotter shipping, followed by an email with a promo code. Once you’ve tested the samples, depending on the choice you make, you’ll receive a discount, equal to the cost paid for blotter shipping.

The rental option for legal entities features a fixed fee paid once a month. You get everything you need, starting from equipment installation to maintenance. Purchase is a one-time payment for aroma diffuser or fragrances.

If you opt for installation by our specialists, you will get rid of such issues as drilling of walls, placement and installation of equipment, hiding of cables, and other stuff. We guarantee the best placement of diffusers in any place of your premises. We will install the diffuser for 200 lei per room.

We offer subscriptions only to legal entities. When you choose a subscription service, you take your worries completely out of your hands. We provide free installation and maintenance services performed by our specialists for the duration of the contract as well as regular fragrance changes. Therefore, you can always enjoy an aromatized environment. The minimum contract period is 12 months.

We provide a wide range of professional diffusers, ranging from small, designed for apartments and houses, medium-sized for casinos, showrooms, hotels, stores, restaurants, and so on, to large diffusers for large facilities. They are integrated in the HVAC system and can cover up to 20,000 m³.

Our fragrances are safe, hypoallergenic, and clinically tested, as well as compliant with current regulations based on analytical documents and Safety Data Sheet (SDS). We cooperate with the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and ensure that all fragrances comply with both consumer and environmental safety regulations.

We produce our own fragrances from ingredients used by premium perfume brands, such as Dior, Chanel, Lancome, Kenzo.

You can choose one scent from 2,000 prototypes available in our portfolio. You will be the only one to use the fragrance in the market. Scents can be personalized according to the type of your business: from fresh, sweet, woody scents to fruity, floral and spicy fragrances.

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