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Professional Fragrance Diffusers

The aroma diffuser is used to aromatize office, residential, and commercial spaces. Market Aroma’s diffusers transform fragrance oil into dry mist, allowing the aroma to unfold and create a pleasant atmosphere throughout the room. The diffusers vary in power, with the ability to cover different areas with fragrance through the ventilation system, up to 20,000 m³.

  • Quality equipments
  • Wide range of models
  • WiFi and Bluetooth control

Coverage Volume

Coverage Volume
  • Small areas < 50 sq m
  • Average surfaces 100-150 sq m
  • Large areas 200-250 sq m
  • Very large areas 500-600 sq m

Coverage volume

Coverage volume
  • 10 m³
  • 100 m³
  • 100-200 m³
  • 200-250 m³
  • 200-300m³

Refill capacity

Refill capacity
  • 10ml
  • 130ml
  • 100ml
  • 1500ml
  • 2 x 500ml / 2 x 300ml

Programming mode

Programming mode
  • App
  • Manual

Supply Type

Supply Type
  • Battery
  • Socket
  • USB

Space Type

Space Type
  • Bathroom
  • Business space
  • Casino
  • Hotel
  • House



Aflați cât va dura un cartuş înlocuibil

Aria de acoperire 200m3
12 ore de funcționare a difuzorului pe zi
Mod recomandat: 20 sec de lucru/120 sec de pauză
*Calcul aproximativ

Order samples

You can test our scents for free before purchasing them. We recommend testing a maximum of 10 samples to not overwhelm your decision. The sample set is completely free, with the only fee being for shipping, which will later be converted into a voucher for a future order.

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It depends on the size of the space and the desired effect. Sometimes, one speaker at the entrance is enough to create a welcoming atmosphere.

If you choose the option of installation by our specialists, you’ll rid yourself of worries such as drilling walls, positioning and installing equipment, hiding cables, etc. We guarantee the optimal placement of speakers in any area of your space. The installation cost for one speaker is 200 lei.

We offer a wide range of professional diffusers: small devices for apartments and houses; medium-sized devices for casinos, exhibition halls, hotels, shops, restaurants, etc.; speakers for large spaces, which can be integrated into the HVAC system and cover up to 20,000 m³.

All diffusers emit a slightly noticeable noise, with the sound being generated by the operation of the pump and the fan. You can find the noise level of each device in its specifications.

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