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Creating a individual fragrance

Do you want an individual fragrance that customers will associate with your company only? We offer two options:

Creating a custom scent from scratch

This option involves a complex process that requires considerable time and investment. It encompasses multiple stages and demands a creative collaboration between the client and the perfumer.

Choosing from 2000 perfume prototypes.

There is a simple and easy way to obtain a personalised perfume. We have over 2000 different perfume prototypes. Choose one of them, and we guarantee that you will be the sole owner of that fragrance.

Order samples

We offer you the opportunity for free testing of multiple perfume samples from our catalog, with the only cost being the shipping fee. Additionally, we will provide you with a promotional code to cover the shipping cost, which can be used for any purchase or subscription payment.

We recommend ordering a maximum of 10 samples for testing. The more aroma options you have, the harder it becomes to choose the right one. We believe that 10 samples are sufficient to allow you to fully experience each perfume.

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