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Discover the benefits of the subscription: free aroma selection, testing of a diffuser for one week at your location, equipment installation, prompt delivery of aromas, and technical support.

Why your business needs scent marketing?

A branded fragrance increases the amount of time spent by the customers in the premises by 30% and sales by 15%*.

*According to the Rutgers University, the Sense of Smell Institute, and the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation

Aromatization of locations

Each client is a unique project for us. We carefully select the appropriate diffuser and scent, providing consultancy to help companies achieve their goals through scent marketing. The right fragrance stimulates sales and creates a pleasant olfactory experience.

Pay once a month and enjoy a complete scenting service.

How aromamarketing influences sales

It increases customer loyalty to the brand

A unique scent completes the brand image.

It influences the mood

Studies show that in a room with a pleasant smell, people feel happier by an average of 40%. (The Effectiveness of Aromatherapy for Depressive Symptoms: A Systematic Review, 2017).

It points to the brand identity

Buyers associate a unique scent with your company, which increases brand awareness.

Extends the time the customer spends with you.

Flavors are powerful triggers that encourage people to stay indoors longer, increasing the likelihood of then making purchases.

This allows to become market leaders

A personalized fragrance sets the brand apart from the competition.

It makes the profit of your business grow.

A branded fragrance increases sales by 15% (the Rutgers University, the Sense of Smell Institute, and the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation).

Offers for your business

With a subscription, you have access to a complete scenting solution. Our technical team takes care of all aspects. Choose the offer that suits the needs of your space.

*Subscription cost is stated for 1 diffuser

*If more than 5 subscriptions are purchased at a time, you get a 10% discount

*If more than 10 subscriptions are purchased at a time, you get a 20% discount

Creating a individual fragrance

Do you want an individual fragrance that customers will associate with your company only? We offer two options:

Creating a custom scent from scratch

This option involves a complex process that requires considerable time and investment. It encompasses multiple stages and demands a creative collaboration between the client and the perfumer.

Choosing from 2000 perfume prototypes.

There is a simple and easy way to obtain a personalized perfume. We have over 2000 different perfume prototypes. Choose one of them, and we guarantee that you will be the sole owner of that fragrance.

How we work

Six steps to your success

Contact us
Leave a request on our website or call us.
Select a fragrance
Order proper blotters for your business and choose the fragrance you like.
Test our services
Choose the subscription type and order 7 days of aroma diffuser free test.
Make a contract
We make contracts for at least 12 months. Contracts with seasonal businesses are considered individually.
We install the equipment
Our specialists will select a suitable location for a diffuser to be used more efficiently. It will be installed with high quality, and the wiring will be disguised so that the minimalist design will fit perfectly into any room.
Take advantage of our service
For a monthly fee, we will provide a range of services: installation of equipment, diffuser scheduled checks, timely aroma cartridge replacement, and 24/7 support.

Comparison of the aromatization methods

Market Aroma diffusers
Ultrasonic (Home diffusers)
Aerosol apparatus
Aromatization of large rooms using a powerful atomizer
The fragrance is persistent; it remains in the air for up to 24 hours and does not settle on clothes and furniture
Control via Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
Short- and long-term economic benefit

Order samples

You can test our scents for free before purchasing them. We recommend testing a maximum of 10 samples to not overwhelm your decision. The sample set is completely free, with the only fee being for shipping, which will later be converted into a voucher for a future order.

Our clients


We offer subscriptions only to legal entities. When you choose a subscription service, you take your worries completely out of your hands. We provide free installation and maintenance services performed by our specialists for the duration of the contract as well as regular fragrance changes. Therefore, you can always enjoy an aromatized environment. The minimum contract period is 12 months.

The subscription entails a single monthly fee covering everything from installation to equipment maintenance. Purchase, on the other hand, involves a one-time payment for an aroma diffuser or fragrances.

Equipment maintenance includes installing the equipment, replacing fragrance cartridges as they are used, and periodic maintenance of the equipment.

In case of seasonal businesses, the contract is concluded according to the operating period. The contract terms are customized individually for each client.

You can also connect to the device to make adjustments, or you can request assistance from our technical team.

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For us, every client is a new project. We carefully select the right diffuser and fragrance for each store. We help companies determine.