Freshness – Soft citrus and marine notes meld into watery green floral notes. Recomanded for Hotels, Residential Lobbies, Fashion Retail

Air Design – Aromatic citrus and green notes bring a clean refreshing expression of a spring rain. Recomanded for Retails, Residential Complexes, Casinos, Hotels

Fresh Spa – Odor neutralizer. Works against Smoke, Body Odor and Pet Odor. Recomanded for Spas, Hotels, Casino

Rose of Grasse – Garden smell with rose from Grasse. Recomanded for Furniture Stores, Hotels, Senior Livings

Tea Flowers – Floral bouquet. Rose petals and green stems. Recomanded for Hotels, Spas, Senior Livings, Medical Centers, Jeweleries

Gentleman – A fresh floral and ozonic blend with lavender and lily, accented with lemon and a hint of bergamot encircled by rich sandalwood and soft musk. Recomanded for Casinos, Hotels, Resorts, Retail Stores, Resorts, Spas

Base – A modern bouquet of citrus top notes and lavender heart notes, ending with fine woods and creamy musk. Recomanded for Retail Stores, Casinos, Hotels, Jewelries

Asian Style – Citrus notes on top transform into sheer green florals and end with vanilla and musk. Recomanded for Hotels, Resorts, Casinos, Spas, Retails

Strong Espresso – A rich blend of coffee, chocolate, fresh ozone and marine. Recomanded for Coffee Shops, Kitchen Stores

Bubble Gum – Fruity, Berry Bubble Gum with Powdered Sugar – Bazooka. Recomanded for Kids Stores, Candy Shops

Cashmere – Floral lilac and gardenia with a hint of peach wrap around a heart of amber, accented with fresh herbals on a bottom of birch wood, fir balsam and sweet vanilla musk. Recomanded for Hotels, Women’s Fashion Stores, Jewelries, Casinos

Innocent – Various oriental spices and fragrances. Rich, deep, spicy and heady florals. Composition of warm, sensual & exotic accords. Recomanded for Senior Livings, Women’s Fashion Stores, Casinos

Sheherazade –  Floral lilac and gardenia with a hint of peach, accented with fresh herbals on a bottom of birch wood. Recomanded for  Fashion Retails, Boutiques

French Verbena – Aromatic bouquet verbena that combines with grapefruit and Rosemary. Recomanded for Hotels, Spas, Mediacl Centers, Offices

Minta di Eucalipto – Soft citrus notes dance over aromatic notes of eucalyptus and mint in this invigorating scent. Recomanded for Fitness Centers, Spas, Pharmacies

Wood & Spices – Rich, woody cedar enriched with sweet amber and a dash of vanilla bean. Recomanded for Retails, Hotels, Casinos, Spas