Scent Marketing

High Qaulity Services for Commercial Vanues

Scent Marketing is a growing trend in advertising, and it is becoming more and more successful because companies start to realize that our senses play a vital and complex role in forming our mood, thoughts, and behaviors. Businesses are spending millions of dollars to stand out and catch our attention, yet 83 percent of commercial communication presently revolves around visual and auditory stimuli. Scent marketing offers an avenue that is different from traditional branding strategies, and although it has not been yet fully discovered by companies, it is making a tremendous impact on those who use it. Scent marketing revolves around the fact that a human brain is most receptive and most likely to form, retain, revisit and reinterpret memory when all five senses are engaged. By influencing more than one sense, brands can establish a stronger and longer lasting emotional connection with the customer and finally be memorable.

How We Help

We assist companies in determining how to best meet their goals using scent, so that they can create the desired mood, impression or effect by using the right scent in the right environment.

We work with companies to:
  • Examine their brand philosophies, principles, and objectives.
  • Identify their message and target audience.
  • Identify any relevant data and research.
  • Deliver and employ the correct scent and scent delivery systems.
Aroma Branding

Over the last 25 years, numerous studies have been conducted by research scientists on the behavioral effects of scent upon consumers. These studies indicate that the incorporation of scent to create a true multi-sensory branding campaign delivers a much more compelling consumer message.

A few important studies have shown customers would spend 40% more time in an area of a retail store scented with a distinct scent over an odor-free area. Research also showed an 84% increase in the willingness to purchase a pair of Nike shoes in a scented room over an odor-free room (and pay $10.33 more for the same pair of shoes). In another study, slot machine receipts increased by 53% in the scented area of a casino. (*Brand Sense / Martin Lindstrom / Free Press 2005).

Science behind the Scent Marketing. How Smell Impacts the Sales.
  • A pleasant smell increases the time spent by your guests in the shop by 30 %, which in turn increases the volume of the sales by 15% (Rudger University, The Sense of Smell Institute and the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation);
  • Brand impact increases by 30% when more than one sense is engaged and by a whopping 70% when three senses are integrated into the brand message (Martin Lindstrom, 2002);
  • Sense of smell is 60% accurate after a year while visual memory is 40% accurate after four months (Martin Lindstrom, 2002 );
  • The smell is the second sense, after the vision, people are most aware of (Millward Brown, 2005 ).

MARKET AROMA offers unlimited possibilities for scenting, drawing from an array of pure essential oil blends and perfume quality aroma oils. Our team of scent designers create signature blends and unique recipes to create a memorable and unique environment for your business.

MARKET AROMA works closely with The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) to ensure that all of our fragrances uphold and exceed the guidelines for safety, for both consumers and the environment. We are committed to providing the safest and most sustainable products available on the market.