During all these years of activity in the field of scent marketing Market Aroma has gained a huge experience we are ready to share with our partners. We offer a great opportunity to everybody who is interested in starting his own scent marketing business. We have passed an organic evolution from a B2C project to B2B, we know the real demand and potential of the market, offering a win-win concept for us and our partners. We provide a wide range of high quality scent devices as well as scent oils with privileged prices to companies or individuals interested in starting a promising business under their own brand.  Our partners can get our products either white label or under our brand.

According to the data provided by ScentWorld, a prestigious nonprofit organization, the scent marketing industry is growing at an annual rate of 15%, with revenue of about $300 million worldwide. These numbers are getting bigger and bigger year after year, which means – a constantly growing market and opportunities, taking into account that fact that each public place is our potential customer.